Robert Martin

6320 Canoga Avenue, 12th Floor,
Woodland Hills, California
Executive Vice President, Distribution Services
Woodland Hills, CA
(818) 598-8900(818) 598-8900
Robert Martin
Robert Martin
Robert Martin is Executive Vice President for Venbrook Specialty Services, LLC a division of Venbrook Group, LLC. Robert is responsible for managing sales, production, and growth across the wholesale brokerage and underwriting program channels with a focus on carrier market expansion and relationship management.

About Robert Martin


  • Developed and managed underwriting groups in excess of $200 million annually
  • Business Development
  • Founded and co-managed retail P&C brokerages, sales, and underwriting staff
  • Property & Casualty Insurance
  • Commercial Lines Underwriting


With over 27 years of insurance executive experience, Robert has a proven track record of developing new P&C brokerage markets, creating sales and solutions with carriers, and underwriting and binding strategies.

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